5 Different Types Of Cannabis Flowers That Grow Fast

Cannabis Flowers
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Cannabis flowers refer to the flowering part of a marijuana plant and it can either be male or female. The female flowers are capable of producing high amounts of THC and other cannabinoids than other parts of the plant. When the female flowers are fertilized by the male flowers, they produce cannabis seeds. If the female flowers are left unfertilized then they continue to produce resin, which contains active cannabinoids. In this article we will discuss about the type of marijuana flowers that are known to grow fast. 

Growing cannabis can be a long and tiring process, however if you want results soon, there are some fast-growing cannabis flowers for the impatient gardeners. These plants are usually short with more-than-average yield. Sometimes they might be auto-flowering. Below you will find a list of different types of flowers that grow fast and you can purchase them from an online website like WhitePalm.

  • Lowryder

Lowryder is a hybrid strain that grows about 16 inches tall. It can be considered as the cannabis equivalent of a traditional bonsai tree. This compact size comes due to cross breed between William’s Wonder and Northern Lights #2. This strain has a slow but powerful effect. However, the users have to be patient while using them. The small buds auto-flower in about 40 to 45 days, and they radiate a mild and pleasant aroma. 

  • Critical Kush

This flower results when two popular species of cannabis plants come together: OG Kush and Critical Mass. The intriguing aroma with a tang of spice and earthiness create a kind of calming sensation which relaxes the senses. It is known to have a high THC content with a reasonable dose of CBD. This strain can be cultivated indoors and growers typically wait for 50 to 60 days for the strain to complete its cycle. 

  • OG Kush

This is one of the most popular West Coast cannabis varieties. The early growers of this flowering plant are known to bring the seeds from Florida to southern California and Colorado. Today there are several variations of OG Kush and some of them are SFV OG, Tahoe OG, and Alpha OG. The strain is known for its ability to help you overcome stress with its heavy euphoria. The sour lemon and earthy pine scent is perfectly complemented with undertones, which has become signature for OG Kush varieties. They are used for treating stress disorders, migraines, and ADD/ADHD.

  • Early Girl

This amazing strain, which is often referred to as the wallflower of cannabis strains was introduced in the 1980s. This lazy and relaxed strain is preserved by the cannabis breeders at Sensi Seeds. As a 75-25 Indica-dominant hybrid, this strain is a considered as a great option for relieving stress. This is a wonderful strain for the new growers and interestingly it has a pretty short growing time of 7 to 8 weeks.

  • Red Dwarf

This is the fifth strain in our list of 5 different types of cannabis flowers that grow extremely fast. Red Dwarf is an auto-flowering plant and the trait usually comes from the cannabis ruderalis genetics. With the help of selective breeding, growers have managed to grow this flowering plant in mere six weeks. This is a small plant that takes less spaces, grows easily and creates a feeling of relaxation.

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