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November 2, 2009 @ 2:25 pm

Michael Bloomberg and The New York Times—Partners in Deception

Some folks have suggested that we stay in business to monitor Bloomberg’s third term. We don’t have any plans to continue Bloomberg Watch after today. New Yorkers won’t have to surf the web to understand the consequences of Bloomberg’s reelection—they’ll be plain to see. We suspect, too, that the mayor won’t bother quite as much with the bogus explanations and deceptive politics that have characterized his first eight years. (Those of you who have read Joyce Purnick’s semi-authorized biography will recall Bloomberg’s modus operandi – “Make the customer think he’s getting laid when he’s getting fucked,” New Yorkers, especially tenants, should know the deal by now.

Bill Thompson is the only alternative to four more years of Marvin “Markup” Marcus rent hikes. We think it’s likely that Bloomberg will back a move in Albany to end rent regulation. Whatever draconian policies are awaiting their post-election announcements, rent-stabilized tenants who don’t go out to vote for Bill Thompson tomorrow will deserve what they get—and get it they will. Those who do vote will get it right along with them.

We thought we’d end with a story of why we began. Readers already know that I was the president of a Mitchell-Lama tenant association at Independence Plaza, a 3,000-3,500-person rental complex in Tribeca.
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October 20, 2009 @ 6:55 pm

Yes, The New York Times Does Favor Bloomberg

We just posted Leonie Haimson’s article about the double standard the Times uses to favor Bloomberg. And just a few weeks ago, we posted about the Times removing Bloomberg’s name from an article about Stuyvesant Town’s owners nearing default, which showed him responding to criticism.

Now, Azi Paybarah reports the Times has demoted a headline praising Thompson’s experience as president of the City’s Board of Education — a headline that directly contradicts Bloomberg’s assertion that Thompson’s presidency was a failure — to a muter one.

Via Azi Paybarah:


The New York Times went up today with a generally positive story about Bill Thompson’s time at the Board of Education, which ran under an unconditionally positive headline: “Leading Board of Education, Thompson Wielded Deft Hand Behind the Scenes.” It was an uniequivocal refutation of the Bloomberg campaign-generated narrative of Thompson as an ineffectual hack whose passivity made him responsible for the many failings of the public school system when he was on the board.

Later, though, the headline was changed to the more muted “In School Post, Thompson Was a Conciliator.” Which is respectful enough, but very, very different from the first headline in transactional terms.


Acting on a hunch, I asked a Bloomberg campaign spokesman if anyone from the campaign had contacted the paper to complain about the original headline. The spokesman said that no one had.

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August 16, 2009 @ 11:47 am

Are We Losing the News that’s Fit to Print?

Or are highly-regarded newspapers struggling to adapt to a changing media landscape? See this Daily Show video:

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And then read this Chris Hedges piece about what’s happened to “traditional” papers like the Times.

(Source: Truthdig)

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