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UFT Splinter Group Says Vote Anyone But Bloomberg

Via Andrew J. Hawkins and City Hall News:

This year, the powerful United Federation of Teachers skipped endorsing in the mayor’s race.

But a small, dissident faction within the union has decided to break ranks, calling the UFT’s silence a sell-out.

So who did the group of rabble-rousers lift up their voices for?

None-of-the above.

“The decision to sit out the contest between Michael Bloomberg and his opponents speeds us to the brink of more disasters,” the dissident group, Independent Community of Educators (ICE), said in a statement, adding however, “It is difficult to offer [Democrat Bill] Thompson unqualified support when he has thrown support to mayoral control and supports much of the underlying corporate agenda for education.”

Their advice? Vote for anyone on the ballot. Anyone not named Michael Bloomberg, that is.

October 30, 2009 @ 10:37 am

What Bloomberg’s Green Jobs Will Really Mean

Via Max Schulz, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, for The Daily News:

Mayor Bloomberg hyped his PlaNYC save-the-planet initiatives again last week, this time announcing an intention to double the city’s green-sector workforce by creating 13,000 green jobs. How to do this? In part by establishing Wall Street as the hub of the nascent international carbon permit trading market.

At first blush this sounds like smart planning. Why shouldn’t New York profit from our nation’s shift to a green economy? The mayor envisions thousands of carbon traders buying and selling the permits that private companies will need to participate in an economy governed by ever-more-stringent global warming regulations.

Turns out the Bloomberg green jobs plan isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. A focus on creating financial-sector carbon trader positions merely underscores the core criticism of green jobs: That they aren’t real employment a free economy would value enough to create on its own. The mayor’s ambitious plan depends on Congress passing a controversial cap-and-trade scheme to combat global warming.

October 29, 2009 @ 6:18 pm

Bloomberg Sleeping at the Top of the 9th Inning

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As this photo of Mayor Bloomberg at Game 1 of the World Series shows, buying oneself a third term can get pretty exhausting.

[Via The Sports Hernia]

October 29, 2009 @ 3:26 pm

Bloomberg Courts the Black Clergy with $1 Million

A few weeks ago, the Rev. Calvin O. Butts III, the influential pastor of the Abyssinian Baptist Church in Harlem, came to a difficult decision, one he had wrestled with all summer.

He would not endorse William C. Thompson Jr., the city comptroller and a longtime friend and ally, for mayor, as he had promised Mr. Thompson last spring. Instead, he would endorse Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg.

Mr. Thompson was furious at the betrayal. But what he did not know was that Mr. Bloomberg gave a $1 million donation to the church’s development corporation — roughly 10 percent of its annual budget — with the implicit promise of more to come.

“What could I say to a man who was mayor, and was supportive of a lot of programs that are important to me?” Mr. Butts said in an interview before he endorsed Mr. Bloomberg.

October 29, 2009 @ 2:55 pm

Sam Leff: Top 10 Reasons Not to Vote for Bloomberg

Via the Huffington Post:

1. Giving the nation four more years of George W. Bush.

Michael Bloomberg rolled out the red carpet and gave the keys to the city to the Republicans to nominate Bush for a second term in the summer of 2004. Exercising a staunchly [and stealth] pro-Republican strategy, he denied a protest venue for the millions of Americans angered and disturbed by the illegitimate Bush administration and its trumped up war in Iraq, forcing angry U.S citizens to march up and down the City’s avenues rather than assembling in the traditional public space of large gatherings, Central Park’s Great Lawn. More than that, Bloomberg’s secret police followed potential demonstrators for two years prior to the convention and illegally arrested and detained 2,000 people at a greasy bus depot on the Hudson for two days during the Bush coronation. The city has already paid out $10 million in lawsuits for its assault on the rights of Americans to demonstrate their just grievances at a national political convention. In response to the denial of constitutional rights perpetrated by his NYPD, Bloomberg pats his police commissioner Raymond Kelly on the back. “Heckuvajob Kelly.” Showing his true face, Bloomberg is ending his campaign by cuddling up to Rudolph Giuliani and their orthodox Jewish constituency at a Brooklyn rally supporting Giuliani’s latest aspirations to be governor of New York.

2. Bloomberg is a liar.

Twice the citizens of New York City voted to impose term limits on elected officials. Bloomberg twisted arms on the City Council to have them pass a new law overturning term limits, promoting their own self interest, and flying in the face of the public will he broke his promise to respect term limits and not run again and is using his extraordinary fortune in an advertising blitz to twist the truth, create myths, and squeeze out votes that any sane democratic society would reject out of hand.

October 29, 2009 @ 12:17 pm

Spin v. Facts Leaflet

The leaflet below can be downloaded and printed on a single double-sided page, and handed out before the election. Please do, if you are so inclined.

Bloomberg Leaflet

October 29, 2009 @ 10:55 am

Watching: FOX News Isn’t News. It’s a Political Operation.

Bertha Lewis, the head of Acorn, together with Bill Lipton and Dan Cantor of the Working Families Party joined the battle to help us save our homes at Independence Plaza, a 3,000-person Mitchell-Lama development. Michael Bloomberg and his housing administration were on the other side of course. To watch the Republican attacks on Acorn while the financial industry’s rip-off artists and war-profiteers go unpunished is hard to stomach. And to see the Democrats caving to the propaganda machine is doubly hard. This video is worth watching.

– Neil Fabricant

October 29, 2009 @ 9:38 am

Reading List: Bloomberg’s Development Delays, The Press Gives the Mayor a Pass

* Russ Buettner and Ray Rivera have a story in The New York Times about how all of Bloomberg’s development plans have stalled during the recession: Ron Shiffman, a former city planning commissioner, said a flaw in the mayor’s approach was its failure to do enough to reap public benefits from a real estate industry he had so readily fostered. “He didn’t steer the boom,” Mr. Shiffman said. “He did not direct it in such a way that it benefited a more diverse set of populations in the city of New York, and more diverse income groups. It was basically developer-driven.”

* Steve Kornacki: “The mayor’s strategy this fall has been as formulaic as it has been well funded—light on bold, provocative ideas and heavy on focus-group-approved drivel and hard-edged attack ads aimed at Mr. Thompson. (Perhaps you’ve seen one or 12 of them.)”

* Tom Robbins writes that the press has been much too easy on Bloomberg, who has courted newspaper barons like Murdoch, Zuckerman and Sulzberger: “As Purnick’s book also tells us, even his weekend disappearing act to go to his mansion in Bermuda has gone unchallenged. “He does his radio show Friday morning,” a former aide told her. “At 11:05, the latest, he’s in his car. At 11:30 he is at the airport. His plane is in the air at 11:40, he’s in Bermuda at 2:10. He’s on the golf course by 2:30. . . . Almost every weekend, spring and fall.”

* As if refusing to leave while a sports reporter interviewed pitcher CC Sabathia about the Yankees winning the pennant wasn’t enough — Bloomberg is continuing to use the Yankees to boost his campaign.

* WNYC reports about Bloomberg defending his staff’s monetary contribution to Newark Mayor Cory Booker after receiving Booker’s endorsement.

* The Village Voice reports that ex-Bloomberg City TV exec Trevor Scotland will be pleading guilty to stealing ad revenue that was due to the city.

* And finally, we’ll leave you off with some satire about conservative media from Bob Salzman.

October 28, 2009 @ 6:46 pm

Gotham Gazette: Fact Checking the Campaign

Gotham Gazette’s Courtney Gross takes a look at the mud-slinging and exaggerations in this year’s mayoral election and hunts around for the facts:


Claim: The Bloomberg campaign says, as school board president, Thompson presided over low performance and waste. Meanwhile under the mayor’s tenure, test scores are up, school violence is down and $350 million has been cut from bureaucracy and put in the classroom.

FACTS: The mayor is definitely right about one thing: Test scores are climbing, according to the Department of Education, and fast. Between 2002 and 2009, the number of fourth grade students who met or exceeded state standards in math went from about 52 percent to 84.9 percent, according to statistics provided by the city’s education department. In 2002, less than 30 percent of eighth graders met state standards in reading. In 2009, 57 percent made the grade. Whether the rise is because of easier tests, the mayor’s changes to the school system or something else entirely remains unclear.

October 28, 2009 @ 2:42 pm

Notes from a Reader: Can We Please End This Pretend Mayoral Election?

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From Bob Salzman, Barking at Traffic:

Its time to stop the silly charade that New York City is having a mayoral election.

Its just too painful to watch Bloomberg pretending to be interested in what non-billionaires have to say as we all wait for the fake election to be over with. This is an $85 million acquisition – not an election. We should at least be honest about it. The media should back off – cover it minimally and focus on something more interesting – like Halloween.

My nausea level boiled over last week watching Bloomberg sit quietly beaming as Giuliani stoked up a conservative Jewish group with his trademark brand of race baiting and fear pandering. it was a reminder of why Giuliani’s poll numbers with New Yorkers were in the toilet before he shamelessly exploited the nation’s grief after 9/11 to market his “America’s Mayor” brand. Let’s not forget his venomous, sneering attacks on Obama last summer before whooping mobs of angry white Republicans. Although, he has done one good thing – he resigned from the Donald Trump migratory fowl nest combover club.

October 28, 2009 @ 12:31 pm

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