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Donations will be used to further this website, and our campaign to beat Bloomberg/Quinn

Help Us Take Back Our City.

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FUNY members represent a broad political spectrum, but we share a common principle: Elected officials must respect our votes. In October, 2008, Michael Bloomberg and a group of 29 council members led by speaker Christine Quinn swept away two referenda approved by voters:

New Yorkers said No Third Terms. And we meant it. We oppose any candidate who seeks a third term.

Michael Bloomberg, Christine Quinn, and the 28 city council members who overrode two term-limits referenda are betting that you’re too apathetic to care.

These council members have sat in office for eight long years collecting six-figure paychecks ($112,500) and earning unrestricted outside income that often exceeds their public salaries. Provided they do what Bloomberg and Quinn tell them to do – and they do — they receive additional thousands in what are called “lulus” for serving in “leadership positions” or as committee chairs, which is why the city council has so many committees and “leaders.”.

Shortly after Quinn proclaimed a “budget transparency initiative,” she was caught with a mysterious slush fund where millions of dollars were parked in accounts under the names of non-existent groups. She doled those funds out to her district and cooperative council members. An as yet undisclosed number of them in turn took the money and set up phony non-profit groups run by friends and relatives.

They call this “public service.”

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Incredibly, in 2006, they voted themselves big pay increases.

Michael Bloomberg is literally buying New York. He’s completely bought the Republican Party, which gave him their ballot line because he gives them millions of dollars and finances some of their worst anti-city officials. You probably didn’t know that he was also one of the largest contributors to Tom Delay’s political action committee as well as to George W. Bush. These things are played down in the New York Times, which is also the recipient of hundred million dollar tax abatements. Instead the Times runs stories on its front page about Bloomie the Honest Golfer or Mike, the Doting Father.

We’ll document this arrogant, cynical, and dishonest conduct in a new publication FedUpNewYorkers—But we need your help!!

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