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October 19, 2009 @ 12:27 pm

Does Mayor Bloomberg Pass the Grade After Eight Years?

From Josephine Lee:

What does your community report card say for Mayor Bloomberg?

While his $200 million budget in campaign ads have covered up the reality of most New Yorkers, the Chinatown community recently publicly grade doomberg on the impact of his administration on the working families and small businesses, making up the majority of our communities.

Is your community better off now than they were eight years ago before Bloomberg came into office?

We urge other communities in the five boroughs to issue their own report cards.

Score the Mayor on the issues below and how he has affected your community in the last 8 years.

Mayor Bloomberg’s Report Card From the Chinatown Community

While the Chinatown community is still trying to recover from the 9/11 disaster, Mayor Bloomberg’s policies have only made immigrant working families and small businesses suffer more during his eight years in office.

F In Safety

* The closure of Park Row has cut off emergency vehicles and commerce.
* Bloomberg’s plans for Chatham Square and his other transportation policies have made it unsafe for pedestrians, resulting in multiples deaths at the foot of the Manhattan Bridge
* Bloomberg, against community opposition, is putting an emergency command center in One Police Plaza, making Chinatown an even bigger target.

F In Economy

* Bloomberg has tripled utility rates during an economic crisis.
* Unemployment and homelessness have soared in our community and citywide
* Increase in all sorts of fines, permit placard abuse, and the elimination of sanitation services, parking spaces, among others, have made it harder for small businesses in Chinatown to survive.

F In Quality of Life & Housing

Bloomberg’s rezoning plan in the community has resulted in eviction for hundreds of residents and soaring rents of as much as 400% for both residents and small businesses.

* Bloomberg has allowed illegal rent gouging to continue on City property without any oversight for many years.

* While working families are being displaced from NYC, Bloomberg continues to give tax incentives to luxury developers, only resulting in luxury condos and hotels sitting empty our community.

F In Education

* Bloomberg is Cheating! He is inflating school performance scores to cover up problems of overcrowding, cuts in after-school services in schools, and disparities in schools in different communities.

* He is excluding parents from important decisions.

F In Democracy

* Overturning term limits is something even Gulliani did not do — even right after 9/11; but Bloomberg does it after promising otherwise.

* Bloomberg pushed the rezoning plan, the Chatham Square plan in Chinatown, amongst others against overwhelming opposition from the community, or without allowing community input.

* His hijacking of democracy coupled with a $200 million dollar budget, denied New Yorkers a broader choice of candidates for Mayor.

* Recently, after failing to visit the community since his last election, Bloomberg sneaked through the back door of a breakfast he held in Chinatown to buy the votes of seniors.

F In Environment

* Despite his claims of “greening NYC” Bloomberg’s employees issued 145,000 parking permits while in office and does nothing to get government workers to use mass transit; meanwhile New Yorkers have to bear the burden of increases in MTA fares.

* Bloomberg’s transportation policies have led to increases in tractor trailers, trucks, and other vehicles, passing through Chinatown, leading to increasing levels of pollution, keeping our asthma rates the highest in the city.

A+ In Lying

Bloomberg is a master of saying one thing and doing another!

Lin Ze Xu Foundation, Chinatown Small Business Alliance, Civic Center Residents Coalition, Chinese Staff & Workers’ Association

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