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October 13, 2009 @ 4:11 pm

Asking Bloomberg About Term Limits

An anecdote by Adam Kornfield:

“Mayor Bloomberg, nice to meet you. I’m Adam Kornfield.”

Its this past Sunday in Union Square in NYC as I shake hands with New York’s Mayor Mike Bloomberg.

Searching for Martin’s Pretzels at the farmers market as recommended by a Toastmasters friend, I came across a Bloomberg supporter handing out fliers. Bloomberg spent two terms (8 years) in office and recently had city council change the rules so he could run for a 3rd term.

“What’s Bloomberg going to do in the next 4 years that he couldn’t accomplish in the past 8?” I asked. “He’s right over there, ask him yourself” the supporter told me.

As I turn around, Mayor Bloomberg comes walking directly towards me. After introducing myself, I inquire:

“Why do you think you can change the rules for yourself?”

His responded by shrugging his shoulders, giving me a quizzical look, and walking away.

His face read: I did it because I can.

My lesson from Bloomberg:

X Change the rules to benefit yourself
X Don’t apologize

Mike Bloomberg is worth $17.5 billion dollars, the country’s 8th richest man: He must know something.

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