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September 23, 2009 @ 7:17 pm

Reading List: Bloomberg’s Misleading Graduation Statistics, Answers from Purnick About the Mayor

* Columbia University’s Teacher’s College produced a study that showed Bloomberg’s claim that graduation rates are up at small schools are misleading, reports The Daily News.

* Richard Lipsky argues that when it comes to Thompson debating Bloomberg on education, Thompson has a good chance of having a knockout.

* Here’s an example of “Do What I Say, Not as I Do”: The New York Times reports that Mayor Bloomberg is not a healthy eater, throwing salt on everything and eating high fat foods, despite asking the city food providers to lower sodium in their dishes by 20 percent or more and banning the use of trans fat.

* Joyce Purnick answered readers questions about Mayor Bloomberg, responding to one reader that Mayor Bloomberg did not want give voters a chance to weigh in on term limits in a referendum because he knew they would vote no.

* The Queens Courier writes about how term limits is playing out in this year’s election.

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