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September 24, 2009 @ 11:31 am

Notes From A Reader: Voting For Term Limits

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From Josh Posner, native New Yorker:

I am a New Yorker, born and raised. Like a lot of other NY’ers, I was happy to see many improvements during the Rudy days, but I do admit I was living upstate at the time. Although not the greatest ever, he was a vast improvement over the Dinkins administration. And then he became America’s Mayor in Sept. 2001. And I trusted him and his opinions, like a lot of other NY’ers. So I thought Mike Bloomberg would be a good mayor and would serve us well. And then I moved to Manhattan in 2003 and learned how wrong I was when I got that first parking ticket. $115 for no standing in a Post-Office zone on my block in the E. Village.

Only problem was that the sign had been doctored. I know my block and knew where to park, so I was rather surprised to see that ticket. I sent in photos, I did the right thing to fight it. But you can’t fight City Hall. Got another one for parking in a No Standing zone at 6:55 PM in mid-town. Technically, the agent was correct. He did point out the sign indicating No Standing from 7 AM to 7 PM. Silly me, thinking there was decency and leniency with traffic enforcement agents. I learned this was the new policy of the Bloomberg administration, aka, NO TOLERANCE.

So I learned my lesson and never got another ticket. Here’s the rub. If there’s no tolerance for the citizens to bend the rules, even a little, why is it OK for the mayor to change the term limits law? Because he’s wealthier than us? Because he just didn’t like it? Or because he said so? If the laws and regulations exist for a reason and they must be enforced, how does this guy come off and just change them in the 4th quarter?!?!? Better yet, how did he legally get away with this? Didn’t our affirmative votes for term limits count the 1st or 2nd time? I know I voted in favor of term limits when I lived upstate, voting via absentee ballot. This guy is just out of control. And the thing that gets me most is that he’s probably going to “win” a 3rd term.

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