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September 28, 2009 @ 3:44 pm

Notes from a Reader: Bloomberg and the Gowanus Canal

From Katia Kelly, Pardon Me For Asking:

I am a neighborhood blogger in Brooklyn, New York. I have been writing extensively about the heavily polluted Gowanus Canal, which runs through the very populated areas of Carroll Gardens and Park Slope.

The EPA has proposed to place the waterway on its list of Superfund Sites, an honor reserved for the most toxic areas in the nation. The community has embraced such a designation. Mayor Bloomberg, however, has opposed it, mostly because he wants the banks of the Gowanus Canal to be rezoned for housing development. The city has come up with an alternative plan which is as unfeasible as it is laughable.

Though the EPA has promised to only take science into consideration, the mayor has lobbied Lisa Jackson, Washington EPA Administrator, for the last few weeks, and it looks as though she is buckling under the pressure.

Our community needs help to expose our Mayor’s blunt disregard for EPA science and for the wishes of the residents who have made the area their home.

Here is some background information:

[1]Bloomberg Still Pushing His Gowanus Greenwashing Plan Over EPA Environmental Science

[2]Please Help Get Bloomberg Politics Out Of The Gowanus Canal Clean-Up!

[3]Mayor Bloomberg, Your Band-Aid Approach To Gowanus Clean-Up No Solution

[4]Gowanus Superfund: City And Elected Officials Spinning As Fast As They Can

[5]Last Night’s CB6 Gowanus Superfund Meeting: The Pros Vs. The Amateurs

[6]Regarding Gowanus Superfund Designation, Our Local Pols Are Showing Incredible Lack Of Leadership

[7]‘Why The Gowanus Should Be A Superfund Site’ By Tom Angotti, PHD

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