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August 31, 2009 @ 2:43 pm

The Billionaire Mayor is Just like Us?

The Daily News usually has some topnotch political reporting thanks to reporters like Elizabeth Benjamin. But then a fluff story like today’s ‘Mayor Bloomberg likes hotdogs!’ pops up on the site and it makes us think, “Is this what the paper qualifies as serious journalism? Is this really worthy of newsprint — for a section called ‘Brawl for the Hall?'”

Bloomberg tells The Daily News:

“I’m not into this fancy food, like shrimp, caviar and lobster,” said Bloomberg. “I like hot dogs, hamburgers and fried chicken the best. I like real food for real people.”

C’mon, who are we kidding? Of course Bloomberg likes fancy food. If he didn’t, why does he go to all those fancy restaurants?

Here’s the New York Post’s David Seifman in 2003:

Bloomberg dined at expensive Manhattan eateries ranging from the Palm steakhouse in Midtown to Plumeri in TriBeCa, which provided an out-of-the-way setting when he and New York Stock Exchange Chairman Richard Grasso lunched last Oct. 1.

So let’s get back to covering this election like we mean it, alright?

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