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July 15, 2009 @ 10:15 am

Bloomberg is bad for business

Submitted by Eric Dixon
A native New Yorker

Bloomberg has a purely functional view of those who live, work or play in New York City. You are only desirable as long as you are “producing” — meaning you pay taxes or spend your money in the City. The minute someone can pay more – or be more easily suckered into being separated from his/her money – you become useless and worthless.

Small business owners recognize this attitude from their experiences competing for business. It is a cut-throat attitude which might be fine for shareholders of a big multinational corporation. It is not fine if you care about your neighbors or community, or if you care about your employees or clients. Small, independent business owners depend on relationships and communities, the very things destroyed by a Bloomberg administration that values foreign tourists and multinationals over real New Yorkers.

The mayor also conveys an attitude that, “if you don’t like it, leave!.” Those with options have been taking him up on that offer. It is cheaper to live and work in the suburbs, and there are people who have avoided going into the City for entertainment, not only because of the hassle factor and the sense of being exploited, but out of sheer spite. And now that we are in a major recession, those who felt shunned and unwanted by this Mayor now remember his dismissiveness, his sneering condescension, and will not respond to his pleas for help. Those who leave this City are increasingly inclined to say to this Mayor, “Drop Dead!”

People just don’t LIKE this man.

His ethos may have made Bloomberg a successful businessman. It does not make him a civic leader or good neighbor. And after reneging on term limits, he certainly does not have the moral authority to lead this City in a time of crisis.

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