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June 16, 2009 @ 12:02 pm

Janel Towers Residents: Fighting for Affordable Housing

It’s not only the myth-making that surrounds the Bloomberg plan to build new affordable housing that’s so galling, but also the bogus claim of preserving that which already exists. Here’s a video of Janel Towers residents in the Bronx, who are doing what they can to save their own homes.

Also, be sure to read this piece by Barry Soltz, the legal coordinator and organizer for the Janel Towers Tenant’s Association, on the WFP Blog:

Unfortunately our situation is not unique. Our landlord has bought over 15 other Mitchell Lamas where he has either deregulated the building entirely or is attempting to raise rents to market rate using the “unique or peculiar” loophole. In fact several years ago an organization of Stellar Management tenant associations (Stellar Tenants for Affordable Housing) held a rally about our landlord in Times Square while he was receiving a special Developer of the Year award from a real estate group. While real estate moguls celebrated in opulence upstairs, tenants downstairs rallied in the streets presenting a special award to our landlord Larry Gluck, “Affordable Housing Destroyer of the Year”.

In order to protect our tenants we need the state legislature to pass 2 bills this session. The first bill is S3326/A4359 which protects all Mitchell Lama tenants in buildings that have already bought out of the program and will do so in the future. It also eliminates the unique or peculiar loophole. The other bill is the Vacancy Decontrol bill S2237/A2005 that will eliminate vacancy decontrol so that we do not loose anymore rent stabilized units. It will also reregulate apartments that have been lost by vacancy decontrol. It is imperative that these bills are passed this session, not only for our tenants at Janel Towers but for all tenants throughout the city.

Thanks to Sue Susman for pointing out this video to us.

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