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June 22, 2009 @ 4:06 pm

Bloomberg Attempts to Get the Gay Vote

(Photo Credit: albany tim)

“It has been the political career of this man to begin with hypocrisy, proceed with arrogance, and finish with contempt.”

No, that isn’t us describing Michael Bloomberg, it was Thomas Paine (1737-1809) talking about former President John Adams, whose presidency was marked by intense disputes over foreign policy.

But the great patriot could have been talking about the mayor-in-waiting. The man who sent his lawyers to the highest state court to appeal a lower court ruling that upheld same sex marriages, which cited no less an authority than Leviticus, is now everywhere, buttonholing anyone who will listen.

Here’s a 2005 Sun interview with Rep. Barney Frank, a prominent openly gay politician, commenting on Bloomberg’s decision to appeal the ruling:

What that appeal does, however, is freeze Justice Ling-Cohan’s decision so that no marriage licenses can be issued to same-sex couples while the case is under review by appellate courts. This, said Mr. Frank, is the real harm done by Mr. Bloomberg’s decision.

The purpose of the appeal, the congressman said, “is to prevent same-sex marriage from going into effect during the interim period” before a higher court rules on the Ling-Cohan decision. Mr. Frank said experience shows that the legalization of gay marriage, even temporarily, is a powerful instrument in convincing a skeptical and reluctant public that same-sex unions are not harmful to society.

“Just Plain Mike” is passionate – not a word that comes easily to the lips or mind when considering the Bloodless Bloomberg – about the constitutional rights of gay men and women. Never mind his earlier stand, never mind that he finances the political party in Albany that routinely blocks gay rights legislation.

Give our hypocrite-in-chief a podium to proclaim his support for anyone with a vote — and he will. Whether they be anti-Semites or Rabbis, whether felons or fools, the man suffers them all gladly. He embraces them. Well, maybe not convicted felons who don’t vote. Or reporters who ask uncomfortable questions, but as we have seen they are limited in number.

It is endlessly fascinating to watch the arc of his career. It is just as Paine described it: From hypocrisy to arrogance, and now contempt — not only for votes taken in the past, but for our intelligence. Let’s put a couple of gay guys on the tube and give them a script — our greatest mayor ever!!

(Video via The Daily Politics)

What could these people have been thinking?

We can only speculate at what must have happened to the child who emerged as this thin lipped, bloodless billionaire. What could have driven him to such shamelessness beyond even the norm for New York’s political class? A group of men and women known throughout the land as perhaps the most venal and shameless of all has finally found its leader.

We’ll give Allen Roskoff the final word. In April, Roskoff, a veteran gay activist and president of the Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club, told the Daily News:

“[Bloomberg] supported George Bush, refused to endorse Obama over McCain and tried to elect Republicans to the state Senate. To me, that’s not a commitment to civil rights – even if he turns out to be excellent on marriage.”

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